Building instructions for robots using one LEGO MINDSTORMS Education core set

EV3 Core Set (45544)

Most team start into FLL using the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education core set (45544). On this page we present bots that are build from exactly one such set.

The NGA bot is proof that the part ins one of there sets are sufficient to build a bot that allows a very good start in FLL. The presentation attached to the article “Robot Design Hardware” described Robot Game requirements and ideas how to build the bot accordingly.



The NGA bot addresses die most important requirements arising from robot game:

  • agility
  • stability
  • precision
  • avoiding stress and risks
  • Maintainability
  • Easy to extend

For more details please see the article “Robot Design Hardware”.

We consciously do not publish the building instructions, because FLL teams need to experiment, learn and finally build their own robot. To jump-start this, we provide instructions for the “EV3 minimal core”.

For workshops with newbies

The bots in this section can be build in a short period of time, even by beginners. They are strong enough to be used in a workshop, but certainly not examples for good FLL robot design.

Jumpstart bot

For our Jumpstart Workshops we came up wit a bot, that is minimalist , aber still has color and gyro sensor build in.

Building time: ~20 Minuten

Building instructions: Jumpstart-Bot

Platform bot

The basic version of the platform bot does neither have sensors nor a tool motor. However, those can be attached easily. Thus is a great fit for workshop where participants get in touch with sensors and construction.

Building time: ~20 minutes (without attachments)

Building instructions: Platform-Bot

Coach bot

The coach bot has color and gyro sensors build applying the concept of “Minimal Core”. The tool motor is facing sideways. That allows to add “arms” without the need for gears.

Building time: ~30 minutes

Building instructions: Coach-Bot MK2

Bots to discuss Robot Design

The bots in this section are for FLL Robot Design workshops. They show basic principles. However, they are not really suitable for use in the Robot Game.

FLL Minimal Bot

The FLL minimal bot meets most of the above mentioned Robot Game requirements.

Almost all parts of the 45544 set are used because it is a very solid construction with several brackets.

Building time: >1 hour (varies with experience)

Building instructions: FLL-Minimal-Bot

Factor Bot

The factor bot is not meant to be built in a workshop. Using it during workshops factors can be determined experimentally, which are needed for the programming of navigation and driving precisely.

To achieve this, the gear ration between between drive motors and wheels can be change quickly. It even allow to do this unsymmetrical, e.g. to show that you can still drive straight ahead if you make good use of the gyro sensor.

In addition, the color sensor is infinitely height-adjustable. This allows to try out the effects of the distance to the ground.

Building time: >30 minutes (varies with experience)

Building time: >30 minutes (varies with experience)

Building instructions: Faktor-Bot

Bots to be used in exhibitions/fairs

Essentially, bots used at a fair to attract attention for FLL (or MINDSTORMS) have one requirement, stability. Neither parts may get lose, because the bots are touched wrongly, nor may mistakes in programming lead to problems with the motors or gears.

Demo bot

The demo bot is intended for continuous use at a fair stand.

Our program consists of three demos, that allow the bot to move on a table with or without walls. To switch between the demos, you move the “color key” in the rear. The tool motor is used in the demos to move the “kicker” on the front up and down for even more action.

But of course the bot can also be programmed “normally” if that is part of the fair stand concept.

Building time: 30 minutes for experienced builders. Not recommended for beginners.

Building instructions: Demo-Bot

Fair bot

The fair bot was created for the Make Ost-Württemberg 2018. We had built it in 8 different colors to give children a playful introduction to programming.

On a specially designed mat, the young visitors were able to solve various tasks with varying degrees of difficulty. The bot has color and gyro sensor at the “usual” places and even a touch sensor in the rear. The tool motor is firmly connected to a gripper.

Building time: 30 minutes for experienced builders. Not recommended for beginners.

Building instructions: Messe-Bot

And even more …

Sensor bot for workshops unrelated to FLL

The sensor bot allows to try out all sensors that are included in the 45544 set. This includes ultrasonic and touch sensors, which are rather unsuitable / unnecessary for FLL.

Thus, the bot is well suited for workshops, in which the participants are to solve collaborative tasks such as “following each other in safe distance”. But even small competitions such as “line follower races” are possible with the Bot.

The bot can be built in the workshop if you have enough time for that. For beginners and / or when time is short, it should be built upfront.

Building time: >30 minutes for experienced builders , >1 hour for beginner

Building instructions: Sensor-Bot

Briefing bot for FLL referee briefings

The briefing bot helps to illustrate typical situations in referee briefing.

For this it can “grow” up or to the side. It can also “lose material” and be “destroyed” to discuss these situations. For the same reason, there is also a simple “starting rig” to align the bot in base.

Update Feb 9, 2020: It is now growing to the right.

Building time: ? (was never timed)

Building instructions: Briefing-Bot

Live Challenge FLL Central Europe

The Live Challenge bots were used in the final competitions of FLL Central Europe. They are intentionally “a bit different” than the rest of the bots. That’s why they are not that easy to program. And that was exactly the challenge.

Please note: For these bots you need a few additional parts.

For teams looking for a new challenge “off season”, these bots are just right. In order to create the biggest possible surprise effect for the team and to ensure that the additional parts are available, this is the exceptional case where the coach should build the bot. 🙂

2014-2015 WORLD CLASS

Building instructions: LC-Bot WORLD CLASS

2015-2016 TRASH TREK

Building instructions: LC-Bot TRASH TREK


Building instructions: LC-Bot ANIMAL ALLIES


Building instructions: LC-Bot HYDRO DYNAMICS

2018-2019 INTO ORBIT

Building instructions: LC-Bot INTO ORBIT

2019-2020 CITY SHAPER

Building instructions: LC-Bot CITY SHAPER

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